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preventing rust?

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So I'm taking the MJ to get all her rust fixed fixed, and get a new paint job. However, that is still a month away.. I might be a little paranoid, idk, but is there anything I can spray on existing rust spots to keep them from getting worse? The less it spreads, the easier it'll be on my pocket book I'd imagine. Preferably something clear, or white. Edit : I'll be getting the floor pans replaced, is it recommended to have them sprayed with rhino liner to prevent future rust issues?

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16 minutes ago, Pete M said:

rust doesn't really spread that fast. :L:  but I doubt it'll hurt to just hit it with a touch of paint if it makes ya feel better.  light coats only.  don't make any drips. 

lol, yeah, just a little paranoid is all, i got the quote to fix everything and lets just say i've had to pick up some extra hours hahaha


3 minutes ago, Eagle said:

Naval Jelly

thanks, ill try it.

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Recommended to me by a local body shop.  Purchased and appears to work quite well.  Free delivery in 2 days with Prime.

Corroseal is good stuff, I put it on a sub frame I swapped out of a car that was exposed to salt and other winter conditions, did a couple of test spots one is corroseal, one was as knock off of corroseal, and a few others were various other products and methods, 8 months later just sitting in the yard the corroseal treated spots didn’t rust up much if at all, the knock off brand sold at amazon is no where near the quality and rusted away after the first few rain showers.

There may be a better products out there, one of the car shows I watch had a small can I didn’t catch the name of they said stank to high heaven but they swore it was the best out there.
In my own experience corroseal is the best I’ve found so far.

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