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I have an 89 automatic base model i6.

She is pretty much stock as of now, I'm looking for ideas or suggestions in transitioning to a  V8. This is my first project I have ever worked on so needless to say I'm a little green on the subject. I would say my end goal would be a pretty mean off road machine. Thanks for the help! I'm open to any and all suggestions! 


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Personally, i would spend the time and money elsewhere on the truck, the 4.0l is plenty of engine to get started.


Once you have a built rig with axles and such to support a V8, swap one in if the 4.0l isn't giving you the power you're looking for.


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I think I will keep what I have. The origanal motor is said to have some 400,000 on it (if previously rebuilt I have no idea of when and to what extent. Is a rebuild worth it or should I go with a similar sized engine? The miles are what prompted the swap mind set however I agree in that I should focus on what I have rather then change the while drivetrain. Thanks for the help!

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