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Led lights guage cluster


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LED dash lights by themselves are either OFF or ON using the dash dimmer pot. Amazon and others sell devices that can be wired in and provide an isolated independent ground that will enable some LED dimming, but they still don't dim like incandescent bulbs. I wouldn't use LEDs w/o some kind of dimming circuitry - would drive me nuts..


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I need a better pic of mine. That makes them look crazy bright.
I'm on the other side of the dimming issue. My eyes don't like to focus from looking out where the headlights are protecting light away, and try to glance down at my cluster. I need the bright lights in the cluster to make it easy to see, and the green is easy on my eyes to transition.
I've changed the dash light color of everything I have to deep red, or green since my 94 Chevy S10 Blazer with the green digital OE gauge cluster. It's the absolute best gauge set I've ever had, and from 15 to 39yrs old; I've had nearly 20 vehicles.ed0a59b43b10662e29b6559f9e1755f9.jpg

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