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1987 Jeep Comanche Long bed 

Pioneer (I'm almost positive of it based on interior and decals)

4.0 Liter, BA-10 5spd Trans, Transfer Case

Paint: Factory Dark Grey Metallic, had red decal striping, has been painted over since so hard to tell what exact paint scheme it had originally, believe it was a pioneer scheme though.

Current paint scheme is Tan on Black

Build Date sticker is unreadable... November something is all that can be made out.

No A/C, no power windows

Does have factory bucket seats, roll bar (since been removed), black interior with chrome accents (pioneer edition), optional larger fuel tank.

Dana 30, 35... nothing exciting...

31" x 15 x 10.5 tires

3 inch lift


Currently Owned by Harris Lackey

Daily Driver

Pics to come....

A HO engine is in its future along with a AX15.... The renix electrical system will stay; for now at least...


(Update) HO engine has been swapped in

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7 hours ago, Dusty_Jeeper_60 said:

How were you able to figure out the build date out of curiosity?


Lucky guess. 

Lol kidding. I work at a dealer and the parts catalogue program allows me to see a build date and build sheet. I need to go back through the VINs and put a build sheet but pre ‘89 sheets aren’t incredibly accurate. 

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Oh nice, that's cool you are able to find that info, I always was told that the pre 89 stuff didn't exist at all, so even something (albeit of questionable accuracy) is still pretty awesome. Out of curiosity are you able to find the build numbers (aka how many units were built) of a certain model? I own a, in my opinion, and others opinion rarely optioned Diesel XJ Wagoneer, and me along with some others are curious as to how many other Diesel Wagoneer Cherokees were ever built which is tricky because it is a 85 of which records are scarce.  

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You know, I wish I had that ability to find the numbers of those. All I can get is build sheets and dates. I have yet to find any way to get numbers. If you want I can decide your diesel here too and post a build sheet. It will be this afternoon though, it’s challenging to post build sheets while at work. 

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