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most of us have a long crank to get the 4.0 to start. I know this is usually accredited to the CPS, but I'm wondering if there could be any other factors.


I don't like it taking more than 2 or 3 seconds to start an engine..it doesn't seem right. the 3800 starts in less than a second and a half, and the 2.8 that was in the 86 started within 6 seconds every time (rare I knwo). the 2.5 I have at the farm right now starts in less than 3 seconds, running on 3 year old fuel.


so, what else could contribute to it? or is it just generally an old and wearing out CPS?

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not just an old CPS... but the design as well, our CPS takes an entire revolution to check and MAKE sure when to fire before the engine actually cranks, chevy and other companies motors crank real fast then adjust.


at least thats what i've gathered

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I believe that the computer needs to read 4 cranks of the flywheel to read that everything is working correctly. My MJ does it, and it starts EVERY time. Sometimes it will start after 1-2 cranks...and I don't know why.

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