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SWB Full Armor $600 + Shipping Atlanta, Georgia


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Sold my truck.  Yeah, I know I've heard it all already. But it's done and gone. The new owner of the truck wanted to keep the factory body. So my full set of armor is available. It has been fully powder coated satin black and includes the front and rear bedsides and the lower rear bed armor pieces as well.  These were made by DirtBound Offroad but are their "old style" with the full tube edge. The rears now match because I cut their "new style bend the edge over" off and had tubing custom bent and installed by a local shop. You can't get these anywhere.  At my price, you are basically getting the powder coating and the lower pieces for free. Pretty sure I still have the DBO mounting stuff and I have a little cleco set I bought to help me install that I will toss in for free also.  If you are local in the Atlanta area willing to central location meet up. If you are in Gwinnett County I'll deliver it all to your door.  And yes, I still have other parts, that I will be cleaning out my spares cabinets. Many parts went with the truck. Sorry no mock-ups of the rears. 









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The armor is still available. 


Have had a customer shipping crate made for shipping. 


The crate is 75" Long X 25" Wide X 20" Tall

Fully loaded up this thing weighs ~ 225 Pounds.


With this information, anyone should be able to arrange a freight pickup.

Have complete dock access where I work.  Lawrenceville, Georgia 30045


Here are a few pictures of the armor placed into the crate. 








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Here are some quotes... just to give an idea of what something like this cost to ship. 


And again.... Just the armor, bare metal from DirtBound would be $877.00 

Plus all the attaching extras and it's already powder coated. 


Anyway.... really wanted to sell it to another member.  Otherwise, you know where it's going. 


And yeah, have offered to drive ~1.5 hours to meet up and do the exchange if the other side would just fill my gas tank back up. 







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20 minutes ago, ScottJeep said:

Well, I drive a van around for a certain Gwinnett county group. Could meet you at the county line.  :)



I'd totally take them if I wasn't dirt poor. :( 


wish I know when my next trip north was.  I'd offer to deliver along I-75.  but I just can't promise exactly when it would be. :(  I do know that I'm heading south to Orlando come end of november. 

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