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which leaf to remove?

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on my 89, I the back end sits to high due to the aftermarket stanley springs. if I wanted to simply lower it (its 3.5" higher in the back and looks bad), which leaf would you advise me to remove? it will be a bit higher in the rear regardless (I hope) so that it can hold some weight back there and not lose articulation.


I got a set of xj shackles coming my way as well...those will drop it about 1" to 1.5" so maybe I will do that first, if it's still too high, I can put the stockers in and drop a leaf.



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springs have been on for IDK how long. so yes, they're broken in...at least the past 20,000 as it was done 2 owners before.


it needs to be lower...for safety and insurance purposes, I don't want 8" of lift. and then I'd need new CA's or a longarm kit. I want to keep these springs in case I go higher later on, and I don't want to go through the hassle of swapping springs right now as I don't have space to have 2 trucks sitting for even half a day w/o springs.


so middle it is.

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