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front fender replacement

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The next project on the books is to replace both front fenders on my 86.   So far I have managed to remove all of the fasteners except the ones behind the lights. 

Question:  What is the best way to go about getting at the screws? How much of the front do I have to remove?   (and in what order?)

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I'm pretty sure you have to remove the front grille panel. Although I have never replaced a front fender (quarter panel to me), I have had the grille panel off, which gives you clear access to any screws/bolts.....and the grille panel is attached to studs that are integral to the fender, so you likely have to remove the grille panel anyway. If the 86 is anything like my 88, to remove the grille panel.....


Remove the side maker lights (two screws each).

Remove the trim bezel around the headlights/turn signal lights (two screws? each).

Remove the trim piece (moulding), which is behind the side marker lights (1-2 screws? each)

Remove the turn front signal lights (two screws each).

Remove the headlights (four screws each).

Remove the grille (8 screws).

There are 5 torx head bolts under the hood, on top of the radiator crossmember, one of which is helps secure the hood latch striker.

Lastly, two nuts on each side attached to the studs on the fenders.

There may be a wiring harness attached on the back side of the grille panel.


I might have missed a screw somewhere and have something out of order, but it is pretty easy.


Then you should be able access the final screws for the fenders.

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I got them off.  All in all a complicated job, and I'm sure I deconstructed more than I needed to.  Ah well, at least I get to clean up some rust while I'm at it....  :).  Thanks for the tips.  As always, much appreciated.  Now if I can only remember how to put it all back......

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