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6.5" Longarm Lift Kit - Now 3" and 4.5" also!

Motion Offroad

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We are putting together a 6.5" Hybrid longarm lift kit for the MJ's.


We are looking for some feedback as to what you, the buyer would be wanting. These kits will be a hybrid kit, built to the buyers specific wants. Basically we are looking for what options you guys want.


1) Do you want different coil options? (Rock Krawler, Rubicon Express, Others?)

2) Do you want different shock options?

3) Do you want different trac bar options?

4) Do you want brakelines included or left out to keep cost lower?

5) Do you want swaybar disco's included or left out with the option to get them to keep cost lower?

6) Do you want our cross-over steering setup as an option as well?


We have defiantly done our research and know what parts work well together and what parts do not work well together. We are no stranger to the XJ's and MJ's. It looks like however that the MJ's have little to no options for a quality lift kit, and than you get only whats included and do not have options.


As mentioned above, each kit would be built specifically for each customer. We are just curious as to what parts you'd like to have an option of swapping out and what brand of parts you'd like to have the ability to use.


Our goal is to offer a 95% bolt on complete longarm kit in the $1500 price range depending on the customer's choices in parts.


Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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i think that you should have a kit that is complete so that the buyer doesn't need to buy more things after.
I think he means it would be sold as a complete kit, missing nothing, but you select coil/shock/etc brand when ordering


Oh, and I'd love a L/A kit, when I get the coin! jamminz.gif


Will the crossmember double as a belly skid, or maybe even triple with the control arm mounts, or what?


Personally, I would think the best design would be long arm brackets that double as frame stiffeners, and go a good 2-2.5ft back on the frame, with provisions for bolting the skid/crossmember onto the frame stiffener to tie everything together, but not actually unbolt the frame stiffener from the unibody if you need to drop the skid/crossmember, if you know what I'm saying here.


Also, would you by any chance consider doing an all around L/A kit, to 3 or 4 link the rear as well? That would be a sick kit!

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What are you selling? Whose parts?



I'd love to see a 'long arm' lift kit that was actually a 3-link and actually came with decent joints. And had arms made of decent material. And was welding at least acceptably. And had an intelligent belly skid and crossmember design. IE, so I don't have to f' with my suspension to pull my transfer case, since I do that a lot more than I should. I'd love to see options on the coils, or better yet coils that were actually rate matched to a SOA MJ rear. I'd like to see it come with limit straps. I don't care about shocks, but many people do. And I hate disconnects, but most people run them. Brake lines that are actually matched to the lift would be great (as an option).



What's your x-over steering look like? I guess I could look myself...

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It is nice to see someone offering things for the MJ. I can tell you what I am looking to peice together for mine if I do go longarm. The TNT upgrade unit using RE coils, JKS trackbar, and wrangler brake lines. Keep us posted on this one, would consider it when its done.

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Thanks for the feedback thus far guys!


We are dealers for many manufactures, thus being able to put a good quality "hybrid" kit together. For instance you could chose from RE, RK, RC, Skyjacker etc for a 6.5" front coil. You'd also be able to "upgrade" your tracbar between manufactures as well. We'd do the same with shocks.


It would be a COMPLETE kit, you the buyer would be able just choose want components you wanted to use (shocks, trackbar, coil springs, and than offer a few "upgrades").


As far as our cross-over steering. We currently have it on eBay with our introductory price. We do not have it on our website yet as we are waiting to make some updates with some more new products coming out soon (it's cheaper to pay the web design company to do a lot of work at 1 time over paying them for every small item).

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What do you guys think of this kit? I'm trying to do some research on lift components that work well, have good on and offroad manners, and that are durable. I'm going to definetly be driving this on the road. I don't want to have any issues there.

Working with a 89 4x4 longbed.

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how much for to just lift the front end without the track bar? thanks. and great to read about another company providing another kit for the mj.


another Q. do you have a t-case drop in this kit? just curious what you do for this kind of lift.

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