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1990 Comanche sport truck build

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I’ve had the truck about 4 years now, it’s a 4.0, ax15, 2wd truck. Did a few things on it when I got it, until I discovered the windshield was leaking. It then got parked, and I even thought about selling it a few times, but finally in light of my trip (Alabama) have decided to fix it up (way better mileage than my ‘86 Dodge Ram).



An original picture of it. Roll bar was just set in, unsure about keeping it or not.


After pulling the mouldings off around the windshield, found out that it must’ve been a problem for a while, had about 3 tubes worth of bathtub caulking to “seal” it.


I started taking the truck apart, and got a spare fender (driver side was pretty dented) and painted them.plan was to paint the whole truck, but that got stalled on mead698cee2b08f1138a80ed74ac397ca5.jpg&key=342dd543af061850df399fb30e89f82f5e35e9f1f4e29ef90606f7b93b23ce6a now is back in my shop for a complete outfiting. Originally when I got the truck, had swapped to a Cherokee steering wheel (had a cheap aftermarket), and put a deluxe cluster in it with the proper sensors. Front hubs and bearings had been done just before I bought it. The 225’s on it were almost bald, so they came off, and I put some 215/70 R15 on it. Also swapped out the rear shocks, and fuel filter. Put a tape deck from a ‘95 Cherokee in it, and different speakers in the doors.



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Well, yesterday, I swapped in new front shocks, and front brakes. Also pressed in new bearings into the idlers.36e7245ed7919293c3bc0ecde7393b8d.jpg
Also added a ground strap to the battery
Checked the driveshaft too, u-joints aren’t really bad, but have a slightly stiff spot on both, even after greasing them, so I’ll swap them out.
Today’s tasks included, pulling out the old front sway bar19bc11dbd7cf278e9eb7a6fa83518ea5.jpg
And swapping in a new one from a v8 grand Cherokee, with good end links.
I also, decided to take a look at the track bar, as I had some “death wobble” when I drove it. Think I figured out why. Bolt wasn’t tight in the bushing at all, probably 1/8” slop, that plus the bolt was too long.
I pressed the old bushing out, and put in a new moog one. Also found a correct size bolt for it.
After that, figured I should do the water pump. It definitely had some wobble to it, so it was time. Got it off, but that’s as far as I got tonight.
Just a quick question for you guys, what do you think about the radiator? It doesn’t leak, but it’s looking kinda brittle to me?
It’s got Chrysler numbers on it, so I’m gonna guess it’s probably the original.

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Wow, that track bar bolt, no surprise you had death wobble. :laugh:


That radiator looks a little crusty, and like it has seen some trauma (cores squished together at the top).   However, I would be tempted to leave it...  At the same time, you should look at your coolant pressure bottle, if it's looking like it's starting to crack (they all do eventually) it might make sense to just order up a newer style radiator, a universal overflow bottle, and convert it to an open system.  Maybe.


Maybe throw some new loom over that wiring harness that's exposed (in front of the radiator), if that gets chafed it can easily short out and melt the whole mess into a blob...  Make's for a bad day.

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On March 5, 2018 at 10:03 PM, cbreiter said:

Didn’t get much done today, had a huge amount of snow to move before and after work. Did get the new waterpump on thoughfecd4161cdb40d1a74cec1f1d3d43fe5.jpg
This is the radiator I’m thinking about getting.

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Looks like the radiator is for a closed system..... I'd convert to an open cooling system if your going to change the radiator.   I was in the same boat radiator wise and found a the open style radiators were cheaper then the closed style.


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Got myself a used open style rad, and a overflow bottle from the wreaking yard. Got a few things done over the weekend, took my starter and alt in, went through them, and replaced a few parts, although they pretty much just needed a cleaning and a few new bushings. Pulled the timing cover and replaced the gears and chain. 03cfbfd066e939ec1099076dd0ba91b7.jpg
Put stuff back together then.
Also got the valve cover gasket replaced. Gapped and put in new plugs, and “windowed” the old cap so I can make sure the rotor is hitting the right spot in it. Replaced the thermostat, and put on a newer style housing, so I could thread the probe for my electric fan controller in.

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Well, got the rad put in, and all the closed system stuff removed, I’ve got a heater valve from a ‘95 XJ to plumb in. Been slow going. My redline mt-90 showed up today, also got a daytime running light relay. Plugged it in, and now the high beam indicator works!


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I realize that, a bench is in the works for my shop, right now every flat surface gets used. I got a few more new parts, but I’m off this next weekend to Alabama. Decided on taking a different route to get the car home. I’m going to drive down with my Honda Fit, (mileage is waaayyyy better, lol) fix the car up, then fly there this October, go to classic Honda’s on the dragon, and then drive the car home. Once the Comanche is all done, I do want to do a longer trip with it, however I’d kinda like to add cruise to it before then.


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