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Hey guys Johnny Quest aka @dkpulsford here. With the way people are building Comanches these days, we thought it would be a good idea to create a new forum for those of us who are pushing the limits; Bigger axles, bigger tires, more horsepower, custom fabrication, etc. And thus EPIC TECH was born. The other forums here on CC will still be immensely valuable for us; the 4.0 can be a bear to trouble shoot, and there are decades of knowldge here that many new users don't utilize. Alot of us use Facebook and it's different pages for interacting with other MJ owners, and this isn't trying to replace that. But Comanche Club, and its forums have always great location for build threads, so we can research and go through a full build, vs asking people the same questions on IG or FB. 


This is also a place for all those crazy topics that keep you up at night: 

Rear 4 link? 


V8 swaps? 


Roll cage design? 


Fuzzy dice?  ummmm.....no


The possibilities are endless. Welcome!



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