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Header gussets maybe?

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Ok, common item.  My header is cracked at second to last pipe.  The crack is at the weld where the pipe meets the main tube.  


I've been reading a lot about options on here. Most all say to replace with later XJ or go for new Pacesetter.  I'm open to either, but I wonder if I can save money and not replace and be ok.  I've read that repairs usually just crack again, so I ask this just as an idea.


Has anyone re-welded and then reinforced with gussets?  I am toying with the idea of adding a gusset or two to the common crack areas.  Coupled with a flex pipe at the downpipe, I wonder if this could be a permanent fix. 


I welcome your thoughts.

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1 hour ago, cruiser54 said:

Welded the one on my wife's 88 nearly 8 years ago. It's fine still. 


Good to hear!  You don't have a pic by chance do you?  I'm thinking of a 3-point attachment at last two tubes and main trunk.


I'm thinking that this type of gusset, COUPLED with a flex tube at my down pipe might be a winning combination.  


Sucks that no one seems to making a renix header with those flex joint like you see on later XJs.  

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2 hours ago, HOrnbrod said:

Weld it up and install a 6" flex joint on the down pipe and you'll be good. Check your motor mounts too.  


That's the plan.  Funny, I had just ordered replacement motor mounts minutes before I read your comment.  


I think I'll weld a small gusset in there just to make me feel better about it.  

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