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chopped up wiring harness...

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Should I even bother here? Just got this rig the other day posted about the axles. Lots of chopped wires, hard to make sense of it all. Runs fine but heater and gauges don't work, someone tried to wire in some different ones. Also all the vacuum lines seem to run no where. 


So can I swap the entire dash and engine harness from any other renix comanche or cherokee with the same 4.0? Thanks








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Man, I did several years at an Auto Electric shop and this was an almost daily affair. I would enjoy straightening it all up for ya, but I'm too far and I (really) take my time on these instances...you can go at it wire by wire upgrading as you go, or if time is scarce but you got cash, get a new harness.

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renix cherokee and comanche harnesses are near-as-makes-no-difference the same. :thumbsup: if anything you may need to splice some wires into the rear harness if you get an XJ one.   but be prepared that they are all old harnesses.  and don't discount the idea of buying a whole XJ to get it (and a ton of other spare parts)  :D  

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