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Rear Differential Lube

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I’m pulling the axles from the D35C rear end in my ‘91 Eliminator to replace a leaking driver’s side axle seal.  Will replace both seals and possibly the axle bearings depending on condition.

The manual calls out a SAE 75W-90 API-GL5 lubricant.  

Anyone using something different they would recommend.

This is a non-daily driver street truck, no off-reading.

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Thanks.  No LSD on the truck.  Got the diff open and axles out and everything looks good.

The shop that the PO used to service the truck put the diff cover back on with just RTV, no gasket.  Of course it leaked.  Going back on with a gasket and gasket sealer.

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Agree with what's stated above. Anything 75w-90 works fine. Most come with the friction modifier already added anymore but for those guys with limited slips, it's important to check.

I've always used Valvoline full synthetic 75w-90. It's cheap and its always come out still clean when servicing. 40134b3ce66df41b76377f4484546397.jpg

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Thanks, guys.  I picked up Valvoline 75W-90 dinosaur oil when Inwas at the Parts place getting seals, brake shoes, etc.  May take it back and get the synthetic version.  I didn’t see Redline on the shelf so will probably get the Valvoline synthetic.


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