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What lift to buy...suggestions


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Hey everyone...I'm kicking around some ideas about re-lifting my MJ for the "final" time...i have these kits in mind, gimme some input:


RE6500...5.5" Extreme Duty SOA kit...has everything...my price $1020 shipped to my door...may be cheaper b/c i don't need some of the parts b/c i have them already


TnT longarm kit...will run my about $1700 w/all parts and possibly install


Rockkrawler Longarm...will run about 1500 w/all parts and install


id like to keep costs down so I'm leaning toward the RE kit just b/c it has everything and i can do it myself...the other would be pieced together and require welding which i cannot do...Gimme some input on what you think i should do...plans really don't include rock crawling..i stick to hills, mud, trails and avoiding big rock as much as possible :D

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What is your current lift set up (specifics)? What are you trying to achieve...just trying to run large tires? Or tons of lift? All of this should have an effect on which lift you end up with. Also be aware of the hidden costs when going this big. Large @$$ tires need large @$$ axles with large @$$ gears and so on and so forth....


I've only heard bad things about RE's Extreme Duty kit (it's the one with that crazy crossmember right?). Ofcourse this is always hear-say. I have no personal experience with it other than it really looks over-engineered to me.. :nuts:


I don't know too much about the TnT or RockKrawler kits, but I've heard good things about the clayton long arm kit. I don't know the price offhand, but i'm sure it is close to 1500.


I'm running 4.5" RE coils + 2" teraflex spacers and RE CA drop brakets w/ RE control arms in the front - rides like a dream, wheels even better. :chillin:


In the rear i've got 4.5" RE leaves (actually the main leaf is the stock MJ leaf) on a SOA set up 8.8 w/ 1.75" teraflex lift shackles. The rear sits WAY higher than the front and is real soft ( i like it). :redX:

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Ok I'm confused (yes it's late)....


Your doing a SOA in the rear, so you only really need to worry about the front. I can't understand where your prices are coming from?


TNT Longarms - 875

6" Coils - 100

Front Shocks - 100

Bolt on SOA - 150


Less than $1300 to your door...


RK Longarms - 600

6" Coils - 100

Front Shocks - 100

Bolt on SOA - 150


Less than $1000 to your door...


The TNT setup is bolt-on. RK is "kinda" bolt on, than drive it to a local welder and have them finish it.


As far as the RE setup goes, I can't see spending the $$$ on drop brackets and adjustable control arms when you can spend another $200 on the TNT setup that includes a belly skid....


Heck I've got $300 into my 6.5-7" lift total (ok $500 if you include the RE tracbar, and $650 if you include the steering upgrades). Given I got a deal on some used parts locally, I had a set of shocks from my XJ, and I'm not long armed yet. But it's all name brand stuff...

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how are you getting that kit 1020!?!?! i could buy it tomorrow instead of waiting a few more weeks if i could get it that price!


i've no first hand experience but i'm a faithful RE customer, my brothers jeep has had absolutely NO suspensions troubles in 2 years of abuse including a rollover and MANY MANY highway miles and tons of offroad trips


ill be buying the RE kit

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no need to pay for brake lines...extensions work perfectly well.


disconnects don't take a genious to make...


and a trackbar is between $120 and $250.


any way you do it, you're high in price. at least this way you get the components you want to incorporate andyour own choices in places you get them from.



...just an example, If I did the TNT longarm with the rough country springs and trackbar I got, and the rear SOA, It would cost;


$280 for trackbar AND coils. granted trackbar isn't as HD as I'd like.

$26 for SOA perch

$24 for u-bolts

$10< for brake line extensions

$899 for TNT longarm.


so it would be $1239


and then you'd be left with shocks, rims, tires, and either lengthening your d-shaft or an SYE kit or both.


now, that's a bit more than some kits, but you get what you want and not what they tell you to want. plus I like to machine at least part of my projects, so the swaybar discos would be part of that along with a few other things.

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well i have these parts already...figured w/all the suggestions id go longarm:


-4.5" RE coils--$30

-Shocks for 6-7" lift--$99

-SOA plates--$35


I'm gunna use my existing RS9000's out back so rear shocks are no big deal. Already have the driveline figured out...basically all thats left is front brake lines, rear dakota line, figure out if my Trackbar will work for that height (its a superlift bar w/RK heimjoint and RK HD dropbracket), and also figure out if my swaybar dissconnects can reach.....Then buy my TnT kit.. :D

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