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NEW Production Comanche Enamel Pins and Patches!

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So I got tired of fruitlessly searching for more Comanche pins to add to my collection, so I decided to design and make my own! 














They are high quality pins and fairly big at 1.75" across. Comes with two rubber clutches on the back and a printed backing card.






Also available in patch form! Just in red for now.





Hey, I don't have an Eliminator! Will there be base model/SporTruck/Pioneer pins in the future?


Of course! This was just the first of hopefully many designs to come. 


Do Comanche Club members get a discount???


Heck yeah! You guys get FIVE BUCKS off your order when you use promo code COMANCHECLUB at checkout! (min order $10)


Do you ship internationally?


Sure do! I ship First Class international which usually runs around $13 depending on your location.


Hope you guys enjoy em, the photos really don't do them justice! They came out awesome. Thanks!

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Very cool, just curious are you manufacturing them also?


I mean I don't make them myself personally haha but I deal directly with a factory that produces all my designs for me.

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Wow! Those look really great! Any guess how soon we can get the base model patches/pins?


They'll be in the next batch I order, but lead time is realistically like a month. They will probably be a similar design to this but with "Comanche" in the Helvetica Neue font used on the badges on our trucks instead of "Eliminator" at the top. I'll post a mockup before I order them. I'm also open to suggestions on colors!

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Yo guys..... theyyyyy're heeeeere!!!!








Light Blue/Chrome








Dark Blue/Black






Available now at www.funtimesusa.com


Any questions just lemme know! Thanks again everyone!



PS the chrome ones came out AWESOME!!!



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1 hour ago, HOrnbrod said:

^^^^   Very Cool!    ^^^  Just ordered.   :beerchug: 


Order received, thanks brother! Will ship Monday. :thumbsup:

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7 minutes ago, Minuit said:

Damn those look good. I'll be ordering soon :thumbsup:


Cheers, thanks buddy!


Also I apparently forgot to photograph/list the white ones? So if you want white before I get it listed just order whatever color and leave me a note in the comment section on checkout! I'll see it and adjust your order.



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