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Well, the tribe grew over the weekend


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Well I found a sweet deal on another Comanche in the state and decided I needed another. So I picked up an 89 2wd Shortbed 5spd with the 4.0l and 136,xxx on the clock. The truck runs awesome, starts quick and idles well. I bought it off the original owner so that is kinda cool. It's crazy because I am sure my neighbors woke up Saturday thinking they had a huge hangover since there are now 2 Black Jeep Comanche's in front of the house (I got back with the new one late at night). So Today I finally got around to snapping some pics. and BTW the other one is an 86 longbed 4wd 5spd.




New one on the Right


Opposite side




The interior of the new one


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Looks nice, both of them. I really want the hood and roll pan on the 86. Did ya make them yourself?


Yes, I did build the hood and roll pan myself


Once you buy 2, it's all over. Next you'll have a 3rd, then a 4th... each with it's own rational for why you needed it. It's a vicious addiction. Very Happy


It's actually already my 3rd.


I had an 86 auto 2wd longbed, which the 86 4wd 5spd replaced, and now I have the 89. It's already an addiction.

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