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Tow mirrors

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So I recently bought some Comanche tow mirrors and when I received them in the mail, both of the mirrors move freely on the pivot they are on. There is no resistance and they just flop around. If you shake the mirror you can hear all the rust inside of them. I was curious if there's and way to fix this or are the mirrors just broken? Sorry if I didnt give good enough info

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If I'm right he's talking about the side door mirrors everyone except me and a select few hate. Not the standard wing mounted mirrors, but the literally mounted to the side of the door ones.

To answer the question, inside the mirror it a ball and spring assembly, if it's that rusted, replacement is about the only real option. Ford used the same style mirror so check the JY for good mirror heads, or they can be purchased new from most parts stores.

They won't be totally correct, but will be a close match. The mirrors off a Ranger will be near the same style, with the F-series being slightly larger.


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