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Clutch peddle assembly

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2 days ago i noticed in to 1st and reverse my clutch was not going in all the way.when my clutch pedal go's in I have a small twist. Seems like a small crack has happen on the lever that makes the peddle twist and not push all the way.with my hand I can make it go in straight and the clutch is completely disengage.


So I have checked local junk yards and no assembly's that will fit my 87 mj. Is there a part number for the whole unit or we one know where to get one? If not I will try to weld it.


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I don't think a part number will help you, since the part hasn't been available through AMC/Daimler/Chrysler/Jeep/Fiat for decades, and that's not the sort of part an aftermarket maker would produce. Either weld it or start checking junkyards.

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