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Apparently I own a J10 vin'd MJ.


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Knuck's MJ:


VIN : 1J7FT26L7KL631678

Country : United States

Manufacturer : Jeep Corporation

Vehicle Type : Truck

Gross Vehicle Weight : 5001#-6000# : Comanche, Base, Metric Ton, Big Ton / Comanche, Custom, Metric Ton, Big Ton [2269/2722 Kg]

Line (Body Type) : Cherokee 4x2, Comanche 4x2

Series (Body Type) : Base

Body Style : Truck, 2-door Pickup

Engine : 6 Cyl. 4.0 Liter

Check Digit : 7

Year : 1989

Plant Location : Toledo #1, Ohio, USA

Sequential Serial Number : 631678

Check Digit Test : VIN valide

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