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Steering Questions.

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Are steering components on the front of a 2 wheel drive axle the same as a D30? I'm going to be swapping in and doing a 4x4 conversion once I rebuild the front axle and componets. But for a while I have to run it with my dummy axle once I get it back from the frame straightener. I need to replace all of the front steering componets but don't want to purchase 2 wheel drive components, when I'm going to be swapping in a D30 eventually. Any info on it all is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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All the same


All the same x3. But when replacing the stock steering components, for sure use the ZJ V8 tie rod and ends, it's beefier. The ZJ V8 drag link and ends is a bit beefier too and works fine with a little lift, but it's slightly longer overall than the XJ/MJ drag link. I'm using one, but the little extra length doesn't leave much room for centering the steering wheel after everything else is aligned. So either drag link you use, stock or ZJ V8, will be fine.

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