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Met two great members today.


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I worked out a deal with 1992EliminatorSWB4x4 to buy his SWB shell. The wife and I drove the MJ up and picked it up. Bill and I chatted and looked over the trucks while our ladies did woman things. I was speechless looking at is truck. It is beautiful. It was great meeting you guys today.


Once we had the shell secured we headed south to pick up some bumpers from bmxstreet6. I snuck in the auto skills center while he was removing the rear bumper. The NY winter had a time with the bolts and we had to wrestle with it for a bit. We got it off and loaded into my truck. He was a great guy and has a really nice truck. I crawled around in it and under it and it is clean!


It was an amazing day. The MJ did just as I expected and made the 400 mile trip without any issues. I got to spend time with my wife and met some cool guys.

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