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4.0 HO swap help

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I have a 96 motor full harness and everything but the hvac stuff I also have a complete 95 xj that I was going to use the motor out of. Both are or were 5 speeds. I was wanting to know if I could use the 96 harness with the 95 motor and the 95 hvac with the 96 harness? Then what all would I need to make an aw4 work with the 5 speed harness?

It's going in my 88 2.5 ax5

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I just did a 4.0 swap in my 1986 and I used a 1994 grand cherokee engine with a 1996 XJ harness, everything plugged right in even HVAC, I would think a 1995 Cherokee engine would work if a ZJ engine did


So you used an OBD2 96 harness and PCM with a OBD1 94 engine? Did you swap in new OBD2 sensors?

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I don't know when the ZJ went to OBD2. The XJ was OBD1 through 1995. 1996 was a sort of transition year -- the '96 XJ was OBD2 because the law required it, but it was still the old body style so the OBD2 implementation was sort of a kludge. 1997 was when the entire chsassis harness was revised for a proper OBD2 implementation.


So I share Hornbrod's question -- how did you make the OBD2 harness play nice with the OBD1 engine?

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