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Belching gas when filling.

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Anybody know how to prevent the MJ from belching gas when filling it.


I bought my MJ new in 87 and it has always belched gas when it reaches a full tank. If you listen to it when filling you can catch it before it belches. I am getting much older now and my hearing is failing ergo I don't stop before the belch.

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Don't hold the trigger on the pump nozzle all the way open.


I used to work at a full serve gas station in high school. On a lot of vehicles where I grew up, especially ones that saw a lot of gravel road use (because the superfine dust literally gets everywhere) the fuel tank air vents will clog, which leads to having to trickle feed gas into the tank. The MJ and XJ however have a vide vent hose from the tank to the filler, which pretty well eliminates this issue. But I think it also means that when the fuel tank hits full, where air was just rushing out, a bunch of gas gets pushed up the vent hose, and some of it goes right out the fill neck and down the side of the truck. I also remember my MJ belching like that the first few times I filled it, but then I just started pumping the gas in slower, and it quit being an issue.


As was previously said, holding the nozzle partway out can also make it easier to hear the tank getting full.

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