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new guy here few questions and showing off.

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Ive had my jeep for  a while now, its the second jeep ive owned. i had an 89 cherokee  a while back and never cared for it, not a big fan of little suvs but i like little trucks, more usefull to me. ive seen this in town siting behind a gas station for ever and could never get the guy to come off of it somehow my neighbor ended up with it. he drove it and beat on it then royally messed up the ignition wiring and the cps wire got mashed causing a no spark issue. he was tired of messing with it so i traded him an old dirt bike for it, i only had a few hundred in the bike so no big loss.

unfortunately he had rattle canned it black, the original red paint was in ok shape. he half assed the mirrors off of his 99 and destroyed the dash, hacked up a center console. he also threw away the bench to put buckets in it but threw away the pedistools from the comanche, so for now my seats are just sitting there.  he also sprayed the under side neon green, but i actually just sprayed most of that black 

but it is a convertable. the leaky top has caused some rust inside it need new pans. the "frame" rails are really solid though.

i spent some time before my accedent fixing some little stuff i replaced a busted ziptied tail light with an led, i still gotta do the other side. and after my accident i got new tires on it still havent got anyone to put the lift on for me yet. i won't be able to manage that my self for a little while, legs still busted and my left arm is just now able to do minor stuff.

the tires rub a tiny bit on the drivers flare.

i still have an oil leak to fix and i need to change the tps, its what I'm thinking my bog when its cold is. and i think the powersteering pump is going out it howls sometimes, i also straight piped it to replace a busted muffler was gonna fix that before my crash aswell now i need to try to get one put on.

This was edited to try to sound less like an idiot.

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If your talking about my abysmal typeing and sentence structure, thanks. no real excuse was never much good at English. And it is still hard to type only had the cast off of my left wrist for a few weeks still don't have full movement or strength. Also typed that out over an hour between pulling parts for my techs and answering phones.

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A guy i work with said he sused to work at an auto1 afternarket accessories place in the 90s and saw a few. I bet it was nice back then but the big chunk of plexiglass was broken i hade to fab a temporary work around to get me through winter

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So far i like them, i only drive about 1\8 mile to work and ive taken them to the next gunshop in the next town. Thats about 8 miles of country road no real vibration . Dunno about noise its straight piped and that was before i fixed the roof so there was alot of wind noise

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