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Engine and axle swap questions?

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i have an 86 long bed with the 2.8l v6 np207 dana 30 and 35 i might be able to get a chrysler 8.25 rear end out of a newer cherokee and there are also a lot of dana 44s on craigslist near me my engine still runs good so i am not going to swap it till it goes but what would i need to do to set myself up with a different rear end and what are my motor options with the that time comes 

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those are the only 2 (or another 2.8) that will reuse your engine's accessories, exhaust, transmission, intake, etc. 


everything else is a huge deal. 

do they make an SYE kit for the np207? and to swap to an 8.25 would i have to do SOA or are newer cherokees still spring under? use to have a 99 but the P.O had some odd lift kit pieced together and the leafs laid flat.

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the perches of a cherokee axle would need to be moved regardless of SOA or SUA.  they are a different width apart.  but don't fret, as it's the simplest of welding tasks and any auto shop (eg. a muffler joint) should be able to help you out.  :thumbsup:


I don't believe I've ever heard of an SYE kit for the 207.  It's not really needed on MJs anyway.


make sure the gear ratio in your new axle matches the current one.

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