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85 xj 2.5 auto

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I'm not sure where exactly this should be , but anyhow .


I found an 85 XJ that's pretty well optioned , it has a 2.5 with an auto trans , factory front and rear tow hooks ( yes they have the additional brackets ) all 3 skid plates , and it has the vibration dampener (shock ) that was on the early 2.5s , maybe more stuff but we were in a rush to pull parts for my buddy's truck .


I was thinking of using the axles to replace my 3.07 Dana 30/35 . It's lying on the ground and kinda rusty so I can tell what the rear axle and ratio is . I've heard the 2.5 xjs may have 4.10 / 4.56 gears and I can get the axles for $100 a piece if I pull the myself which is going to be a pain . I plan on running 31s with the 4.7 and nv3550 so is that too much of a ratio ?


If that's too much of a ratio is anyone else interested in them or any other parts ? Thanks in advance

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how can 4.56 be too much gear if it came from the factory with even smaller tires? get them!


I don't know lol , I just want to make sure they are going to be good for daily use / freeway driving and that they aren't going to be 3.55 gears . The diff cover is buried halfway in the ground making pulling the cover difficult . Is it still worth using the rear if it's a 35 ? If not I'd have to locate another rear axle and possibly regear , which is then more money then I want to currently spend .

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hmmm.. that's a toughie.  I doubt the 35 would be alive long behind a 4.7.  I think it'd still be worthwhile to drag a floorjack and check it out.  have you tried car-part.com for 4.10 front axles?  4.10 8.8s are pretty easy to find. 

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