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Downpipe Hanger?

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Replacing manifold + dowpipe (and transmission + motor mounts)

I have an exhaust hanger welded on to the downpipe which bolts to one of the belhousing cover bolts.

I this stock? (looks like an afterthought weld job)

Is it necessary? Anybody else have any hangers along the downpipe?








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Yes, thanks Stroker, it's exactly like post above, must be stock, items #14, #15, and #23 screw was there as well clamping it down. 18mm bellhousing bolt, and fit right up against the flywheel cover. So I guess it must be stock. 


I have the BA 10/5 and the transmission mount that has the "built-in" exhaust hanger rubber isolator thing (that supports the downpipe and cat connection) But I'm not sure how Ax15's/AW4's mount up and provide the hanger after the manifold, so maybe having that extra hanger to the bell housing before the transmission crossmember is necessary??

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