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4wd won't engage!

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SO, last weekend i was at the trails and i was going up a pretty steep hill in 4lo and one of my buddies said that only my rear wheels were spinning, so then i realized that my truck won't engage into 4wd???


i have an 86 2.5l 4 speed, i recently installed a 4.5 inch RC lift. I'm thinking that with the lift, the front drive shaft angle is too much and it is not engaging into the differential, it just spins.


would a transfer case drop kit fix this problem? or could it be something more serious? I would GREATLY appreciate any ideas/solutions to this horrible problem, THANK YOU


(also one day i was at my friends farm, right after it snowed and we were drifting around a little bit and after about ten or 15 minutes of going pretty hard in second gear my truck lost power and shut off, about 5 minutes later it started right back up and i headed home, any ideas on that problem would be appreciated)

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You move the ring to the left so both axle shafts can be a one peice axle shaft instead of 2...

The cover you would have to take out the lock rings inside and you would have to slide the fork over to place the lock ring to lock the fork in place so it doesn't slide if it decides to move one miracle of a day....

Put the cover back in its original position and your done and test it out...

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