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  1. I have a 1986 Jeep Comanche 2.5l 4 speed manual. Truck has 109,000 original miles. Runs and drives great, shifts fine through all gears, and comes to a complete stop. Lots of parts put on recently, here is a list -rough country 4.5" lift, with adjustable track bar and quick disconnect sway bar links -31x10.5x15 Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ's with 90% tread all the way around -15x8 cragar soft 8's -12 offset -front diff cover, fluid, gasket -40" lightbar -off-road stinger winch bumper, welded on -9000lb offroad winch(used once) -battery/alternator -water pump/radiator/hoses -plugs/wires -new 2" exhaust fully welded, cherry bomb midway, new header gasket -clutch master cylinder -EGR delete -throttle body gasket -more little things probably forgetting ATM The main bad things about the truck are -Palm sized dent on drivers side behind the door -interior needs a couple things -top speed is about 70 mph on the highway -scratches along side the bed -could use paint if you really wanted it to look great, but its a jeep so WHO CARES, looks better muddy anyways -few vacuum leaks that need to be patched up The truck is 100% driveable I drive it DAILY, and take it to some light trails every once in a while. 4 wheel drive works great, (CAD DELETE) this truck will never get stuck, gas mileage is not too bad and it's only about 24 bucks to fill up, really need to come see it to fully appreciate its beauty for its age. 4000$ cash, price is negotiable, open to trades for other vehicles(mostly trucks) or motorcycles of equal value. CASH IS KING. If interested please contact me @614-205-1848 THANKS TEXT ME FOR PICS
  2. looking forward to this build. ultimate goal for my comanche is 4 link and 1 tons
  3. May i ask how much money you have wrapped up in rebuild parts, i am planning on rebuilding my 2.5 for a senior project, THANKS
  4. i also have an 86 2.5l MJ and i really wanna do a 4.0 swap, if i bought a donor xj off craigslist for a good price what else would i need to buy? i am on a highschool budget, and for my senior year we have to do a big 80 hour project and this is what i want to do, which will be over the summer! So basically what I want to know is how much more challenging is a 4.0 swap on an 86, and what else will i need to buy besides the donor cherokee and gaskets?
  5. When i turn on my heater, air only comes out of the defroster and I can feel some air under the dash by the passengers foot area. BUT, the air from the defroster is hot and the air coming out from under the dash is freezing cold? any ideas??? also no matter what mode I put the blower on, no air comes from the central vents, only the defroster and under the dash, i have no idea what could cause this besides maybe a faulty blower motor. Other than that i am clueless :???: and help would be much appreciated. THANKS ALOT, Hank Current tempature here in ohio is 1 degrees...
  6. thanks everyone for all the advice, time to save up for some JEEP PARTS
  7. i was at Haspin Saturday. I have heard about "behind Walmart" on OffRoadOhio.com but never been there its a great place man, endless trails. just watch out for the homeless people chillin down there you should come down there sometime, haven't seen another comanche owners yet
  8. cool, I'm gonna look into the zj tie rod, and TRE's then the moog drag link. I still need to know what year would fit my 86 comanche? thanks much
  9. Just wondering what your guys preferences are, looking to upgrade some steering components such as a new tie rod, and drag link. I've already upgraded the track bar. with the stock steering components i literally need an alignment after every trail run :fs1: , any preferences on sellers, or anything else i should look at upgrading up front? not looking to spend a 1500 doll hairs, but i want quality parts. THANKS (86 comanche 2.5l 4 speed)
  10. I'm running the rough country 4.5" lift with an adjustable track bar, and sway bar disconnects, after that its pretty much complete, i haven't had any problems with mine. they also sell a 6.5" lift that comes complete which i feel is a better bang for your buck. ROUGH is an understatement :yes:
  11. every comanche owner who lives on ohio go join 4WHEELINGOHIO on Facebook and come hit up the trails behind Walmart on south high street. (columbus ohio) Usually go up every sunday around noon, hit me up if you're in the area
  12. projectMANCHI


    EVERYONE come to the trails in columbus!
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