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Truck's missing all Badges


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Somewhere along the line somebody de-badged the truck cept for the "Jeep" on the grille. If anyone has a set of badges I'd be interested. Likewise if you know of a site where I can get them that'd be helpful too.


Truck is a 1988 Pioneer 4x4 (not high output), 4.0, manual, long bed.


I think that means I need

- Comanche (x2)

- 4x4 (x2)

- 4.0 Liter (x1)

- Comand-Trac (x1)


I think that's what is supposed to be on the truck but not positive. If you know differently please feel free to educate me.


Also the tailgate letters are black (like the rest of the truck). Were they painted or just a sticker? If a sticker any idea where I can get some?

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