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'comanche Frame'

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Maybe my google phu is broken, but I have spent my entire lunch break searching for this full size jeep comanche. Nothing.


JeepCo, was the Comanche reference something Jeepers created when referring to the FSJ pickups? Like when we use LJ to reference a TJ Unlimited? It is universally known, but not official.

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Along those lines, yes. I believe it's more like a dealer decal package



But we all know you can't have a comanche frame separated from body, so this is logical



True, but I bought a comanche 'frame' when I started my project, at least thats how it was listed, it was the frame and the cab, nothing else. 

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There's a full size Comanche? I know of the J series and honcho, never heard of the Comanche FSJ

yea same here. Gladiators, 10s, 20s, 3000s, 4000s, etc....but never an FSJ comanche


There was no FSJ Comanche. Ever.


There were multiple versions of the FSJ Cherokee. #1 Wide track 2 dr which are the most common when you think of these. They included the Chief, Golden Eagle,  and Laredo.


#2 Narrow track 2dr. Most commonly used as a fleet vehicle.



#3 was a brief run of stripper 4-door narrow tracks.



I have owned 2 of the three.


It is probably a Commando frame. They are a modified CJ6 frame but are slightly different from any CJ frame. Can you guess what may first jeep love was and if I have owned multiple versions of both based on my screen name if nothing else?

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