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1987 Jeep Comanche - 4.0 - 5 Speed. Feeling In Over My Head.

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Good Evening Comanche Club, 


This is my first post since acquiring my Comanche about three hours ago. I am not going to lie, I took a Gamble, and I feel in over my head. I live in New England and the truck was delivered today after fighting with many corporate transport companies. I bought it about three weeks ago off a guy in PA. He told me it was running strong and needed a tune up and a few vacuum hoses. SO it was delivered today, and I must admit I have not driven a stick in about 11 years. I know you never forget but I was not confident I will admit that. The truck needed jumping off the transport so I grabbed the battery pack, after screwing around in the dark, I realized that it was the ground wire that was causing the truck not to turn over, so that will be first on the list. 


I never left first gear to get it in the drive way, the clutch pedal seemed fine and it shifted into reverse fine. THE ENGINE however was running very very rough. I understand that it needs some vacuum hoses but would that make it run as rough as it sounded, it was sputtering and to me it sounded like it was more than just a vacuum leak. It does look like the front vacuum harness is complete missing so I know that I will have to work on that first. I have ordered a complete vacuum harness from Napa. (which has not shipped yet and I ordered it a few days ago, I hope they still have the harness's in a warehouse somewhere.)


I checked the dipstick, Oil is low and dirty, so an oil change is up first with the vacuum harness. After that, I am really lost when it comes to this truck. The wiring looks messy, which is a bummer for me since I know the Renix Trucks are touchy as it is. 


It also need a new bumper, I bought a FEY online and it will go on this weekend. 


I guess I am just overwhelmed, I will post photos as soon as I can. I bought this truck for the weekends  to haul kayaks and go down dirt roads to find some good trout streams. 


I am only 1200 into it so far, but I feel like it will take some work to get this truck to be where I want it to be. I know how to do basic stuff like oil changes, I've done breaks a few times, and a water pump once. I guess all I am saying is that I will have a ton of questions for you guys. 


After I do the vacuum harness, oil change, tune up and get the bumper on, I will be sure to go through the Renix Checklist, only issue is that when I read most of it, I do not know where to start!


Pics to come. Truck looks good, but it will take some serious time for it to get where it needs to be. 



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The one long red wire with a connector on the end, mine has that too, it's used if you have a hood light. You don't so don't worry about that one.


The single red wire with the black "bump" thing is aftermarket, it may have been used as a power wire for a stereo or lights or some kind of accessory. The black bump looks like a fuse holder maybe. Trace it into the cab but it's probably disconnected on the other side too. If that's the case, remove it and throw it in the garbage.


The black & green wires, where do they go on the other end? Do they go to the blower motor (the round black thing behind your hand in the pic)?


The other red wires & relay beside the airbox, that should be there. For some reason the previous owners swapped in all red wiring, who knows why. Leave that stuff alone if your truck is running and deal with other stuff first. No worries there, the one part with the vacuum line is for your EGR. Again, don't mess with that stuff unless it's not working.


The two lines coming out of the trans, one is the clutch pressure line (normal), and the other end is used to bleed the clutch (again, normal). No worries there mate.


Oh, and relax man, I've felt like selling my Renix '88 Comanche out of repairs frustration. That's normal, you'll get over it and learn a lot along the way with fellow members' help here. I've done only a few steps out of Cruisers' tips, so don't feel like you have to do them all immediately. Take your time, do it right and you'll be fine.


p.s. I don't know but I suspect that the previous owner used all that red wiring to run new wires as a result of earlier wiring problems. Possibly related to the C101 connector, maybe not. Cruiser or someone else might know better if that bundle of red wires by your airbox is routed through the C101.

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Thanks for the reply dainternetguy. I traced most of the red wires to the non working fog lights. You are right about the green and black wire, they go to the blower motor, I have no heat or AC and the high low switch is missing. I will tackle that later on.



Here are some updates, I did an oil change, it was two Qts low and had a frame oil filter, I have an STP filter on now and fresh oil.


I also put a new air filter in, the air box to my surprise was empty.



I'm working on getting the grounds clean, they are rusted pretty badly so they have some WD40 on them now.


Right now I'm waiting for the vacuum harnesses to come in from NAPA along with my repair Manuel. So that will be next with new plugs, cap and rotor and finish out cleaning and refreshing the grounds.


So I did start cleaning out the C101. I can't even comprehend where all that tar comes from. I need to get some break cleaner and really get at it.



It did start better after the oil change and was some what quieter but I'm not even close yet. I did find a good local jeep mechanic so it will most likely be towed there next week.



I also have no horn or blinkers, is this common after sitting for awhile?



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