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Cad Axle Question

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My 88 Comanche with the cad dana 30 axle has a bad u joint on the passenger side . On the drivers side when the u joint went bad I installed a complete shaft with a cv joint due to the stub shaft being rusted away as is the pass side. But apparently I can't find anyone that makes one for the passenger side. What are my options ? It looks like the drivers side axle could possibly be the same length as the passenger is to the cad but I'm not sure if the splines are the same .I don't drive the truck in any bad weather so I don't use the 4wd but very few times so strength isn't an issue . Its also nice not to have the binding that you get with u joints . Thanks for any help .

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CVs shafts are super cheap on rockauto look under grandcherokee to see cvs. i have never tried them but they should be the same. 27 spline both sides

But the Cherokee with the CAD never (to my knowledge) came with CV joints, so I don't think you can find a replacement that's set up for CV joints on the passenger side.

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i was saying to replace the whole shaft not just the cad shaft.

Then he has to find a seal that will fit the right side of his differential housing -- which may or may not be set up to even accept a seal at that location.

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