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At A Loss With A Power Steering Problem

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1988 mj 4.0 auto. About 5-6 months ago and maybe 2000 miles ago I replaced the power steering pump, lines, pully, resivor, and gear box. Replaced the gear box with a 99 Durango box. I noticed the steering would get stuff to the point to where it would feel like it was not working after prolonged periods driving on the highway. I would say 3 miles or more. When I would exit I would notice very stiff or no power steering and then after I would give it some gas it would come back.



However I could be idling in park or cruising around town and never have a problem with it.


So I replaced the power steering pump. This is the third one in 2 months. Same story with all the pumps. Also put another gear box in. Every thing is the same nothing is changed.



Can some one explain this for me? I'm at a complete loss.

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Could be those then, but I don't know.  Is your draglink at an extreme angle from the pitman arm down to the knuckle or is it good?  I can't think of what else it really could be but I feel like based on what's been replaced, it really can't be the power steering stuff itself.  I know on my '96 XJ (stock everything) it was sticking just like you said.  Around town fine, but on long stretches of highway/interstate, it would feel like it was locked in to place and I really had to jerk the wheel to get it to turn (almost wrecked several times like that).  Turns on my passenger-side, bottom ball joint was worn out.  I wouldn't have thought it would have that bad of an influence on turning but it did, frighteningly enough.

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