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Heat Issues On My Mj Help Please

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So once in a while my heat works. Whn I let it run fur 30 mins or longer it tends to heat up lightly. Now when I drive it it gets warm but as soon as I slow down or come to a stop it will be cold air coming out or might stay warm if I'm lucky.


Thermostat was changed. old one was bent n wasn't working correctly.


Now I'm wondering if it's the heater core or I hear from my buddies saying it could be the heater coil?


Also a other buddy told me to chck the lines (antifreeze) n chck if it's warm or cold n one is hit other is cold.


Really need my jeep in the winter it's freezing at 5am whn I head to work. Please help me out someone

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Blend door? Where's that and what is that?


Also I believe the vacuum hoses are fine ill double chck


The blend door I believe is the lever that is directly controlled by the temperature slider on the dash. It runs a long wire to a lever just under the passenger footwell. You may have to take the lower heating vents out to find it. That was my problem awhile back, only ever had hot air. I reattached that lever and I get lots of both, now. 

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