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Molded Heater Hose For 2.5L Intake Manifold?

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Hi guys,


Is there a "molded" heater hose part for getting from the thermostat housing to the intake manifold?  The non-molded heater hose is not the most "ideal fit", even with zip ties .  Abrasion has created a pin-hole and it needs to be replaced.  A nice molded hose would let me ditch the zipties (i hope).


Engine: 2.5L 1987 2WD, manual trans.


How it looks now:


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That is a 4.0 thermostat housing......not a 2.5.


Beg to differ...look at the fan, radiator, PS pump, after all a 2.5 is more or less a 4.0 missing 2 cylinders.

Also look at the harmonic damper on the right side of engine, 2.5....

FWIW I think the Tstst housing on a 2.5 is the same as 4.0, somebody correct me if wrong, but pretty sure.



Search - RockAuto: 1989 JEEP CHEROKEE 2.5L 150cid L4 : Cooling System : Bypass Hose

 Cost about $7 bucks or your local parts store should have it as it fits multiple vehicles.

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Your Correct 64..the front of the 2.5 and 4 share a lot....Water pumps are even interchangeable......only thing you have to watch is type of belts from the factory.......the 2 v belt set-up spins the other way ....most parts stores will ask you if it is a serpentine belt when you buy just for that rerason.


Comanchemodder....can't tell from the picture .....is the outlet of the housing cast in or threaded in??  If threaded you could take it off and turn in a 90* outlet to help with the hose routing

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Image Not Found



Go to the back of the store, Oreillys, Advance, NAPA, and look through all the hoses, you will find something that will work.


The above-

The heater valve is 4.0 and is all that's available, the part number is shown in the pic for a molded hose that is about 3' long....who knows what it fits.....who cares what it fits.......make it work.


You'll also find short molded hoses that will work with the 4.0 thermo housing.



I tell the counter guys to give me what I want........not what there little idiot boxes tell them I want.

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