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Rockauto December Newsletter - Matt's 1981 Jeep J10


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Matt's 1981 Jeep J10


I have had this 1981 Jeep J10 for a number of years now. It is my second, replacing a J10 that would leave outlines of itself in rust flakes wherever I parked it! I saw this one for sale in Iowa and had to go see it. I paid way too much for a truck with a bad camshaft lobe (I convinced myself it was poor emissions control hook-ups and drove it back home that way!), but as the years have passed, that sting has faded while the truck still makes me smile whenever I drive it. It has its share of blemishes, but it fires right up in any weather and still gets me the occasional thumbs-up or gas pump conversation when it is out and about. It also pulls its own weight going to the woods for firewood, hauling manure for the garden and carrying materials for various other projects.


It is built of parts from a wide range of years, including the drivetrain from a 1989 Jeep and a mix-n-match modern Ford ignition, but regardless of the model year of the systems I am working on, RockAuto comes through with the parts. Brakes, exhaust, emissions control, engine, transfer case, all of them have at least something provided by RockAuto. I appreciate the prices AND the availability of parts for older cars that you guys provide. And all the helpful information in the catalog is a big bonus for selecting parts and verifying that you are getting what you expect. Keep up the good work!


Matt in Wisconsin


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