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Maybe this has been brought up in the past, but I was wondering what y'all would think about something like this. I'm sure we all have things we're working on outside of our prized MJs, and I'd be interested in seeing them. Whether that be restoring, building, modifying; cars, boats, trains, planes, kites, birdhouses, clay figures, whatever. I know some people have posted topics showing things they have done in the pub now-and-then, but having an actual section would be great I think. Especially if it is another car or something that is on-going.


I know there are forums/clubs for basically every hobby out there, but I've yet to find a group as awesome as everyone here (and the FSJ guys but I kind of consider MJ and FSJ owners of the same crazy breed). The DSM club I was a part of when I had my Eagle Talon was mostly just helpful for tech info, no real club type interactions like we have around here.


idk Maybe the room isn't there to expand with something like this, but I think it sounds enjoyable.

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