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In the interest of full disclosure, I am a manual transmission kind of guy. But ... my wife's 2000 XJ is an automatic. I want to do a partial fluid change -- I'm not going to get into dropping the tranny pan, I just want to pull the drain plug, let it drip out, then refill. I'll rinse and repeat in 20,000 miles or so.


Does anyone know approximately how much fluid comes out from a simple pan drain operation? How many quarts of Dexron will I need to top it off after draining?

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IIRC A drain and refill takes about 5-7 qts. 2 Gallons of Dex/Merc should be plenty :thumbsup:


5 to 7 quarts just to refill the tranny pan? That sounds VERY excessive.

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If it has never been done before, you're way overdue for a filter change.


As for your question, I think I have it written down somewhere at the shop. Will check when I make it there later today.

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