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Factory 1990 4 Liter

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Is a factory 4.0 liter in a 1990 renix? is it H.O.?

I assume that I would need a different wiring harness in the engine bay as well as the computer. going into my 88' ( 4.0 liter...renix)

Finally be able to use all the other stuff I stashed for the build on the red 87'


Found a good deal this am on Craigs list local I am at work and don't have my books....

Want to pick it up as a builder backup for Bucky as she has 300k ish on her.


Can any one with more off the top of the head let me know. If it is still renix I might still go for it for a back up

( but will not be as excited....read dissapointed)

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87 to 90 will drop right in.


HO into a Renix?



Cruiser’s HO into Renix Swap

This swap is easier than some will lead you to believe, generally those who have never done it. Those of us who have done it, like myself, will share with you the things that need to be done for a successful swap. Just think of it as swapping in a long block.

The HO and Renix have some differences but none that can’t be overcome very easily.

Any HO engine from an XJ or ZJ through 1999 can be used. One running change was that the rear of the head was no longer drilled and tapped for the temperature gauge sender beginning in the 96 model year. The sender can be relocated to the threaded hole in the thermostat housing taken from the HO engine. You’ll have to extend the wire to that location. Some brave souls even drill and tap the HO head for the sender.

You will be using the intake and exhaust manifolds from your Renix, along with all your sensors and wiring. Since the intake ports of the HO are slightly different, you use the Renix gasket. Exhaust ports are identical.

You will need to use your Renix distributor as it is different than the HO because they use different fuel management systems. The flywheel or flexplate from the Renix must be used so your CPS gets the correct signals. The valve cover from the Renix allows you to keep your CCV system intact and requires no modifications.

The HO block will have a plug in the coolant galley on the driver’s side of the block, closest to the front, which needs to be removed so your Coolant Temp Sensor can be installed in it’s place just as it is on the Renix. It requires a 5/16" square drive or a modified 3/8" drive that has been ground down to fit. Do this before installing the engine.

As for the knock sensor, which is located just above the oil pan on the driver’s side of the engine about mid way, all the blocks I’ve seen are threaded for it. If not, I’ve heard they may be drilled but not tapped. Tap the hole if that’s the case.


Revised 03/28/13


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If it is still renix I might still go for it for a back up

( but will not be as excited....read dissapointed)


I was referring to this comment about being disappointed and not as excited.



90 is still renix (non HO) Sorry...

Sorry for what? HO stands for Highly Overrated.

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