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Anyone Upgrade Their 2.8L Coil/ignition?

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Going to be checking out an '86 with the dreaded 2.8L and if I were to get it I will be wanting to do all I can to improve how it runs. Had one before and that was just awful, will be a huge hit in performance compared to my P71 I currently drive (dropping over 100hp and I can only imagine torque).


It already has a Holley fuel injection with Edelbrock intake manifold. Not sure what Holley setup, but I would guess the 3210 two barrel TBI 400 cfm direct replacement. I'll find out for sure once I go look at it hopefully later today or tomorrow.


Just wanting to hear your experience on the improvement if you have these. I know the Mallory coil and MSD wires I had in my J10 made a difference in it firing right up and helping it purr.


I just want to get back into an MJ and from the pics it looks like I found one with a good body, and supposedly a rebuilt engine (which I don't believe unless he has papers). I may be completely wrong after seeing it in person, but for now I like what I see. A drivetrain swap just will not be in the budget anytime soon and I'm not finding much in the way of 4.0L rigs around me in decent enough shape. So don't go suggesting I do that, looking at you Pat. :P

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Roger that guys. I'll just toss on some better wires with new plugs if I get it and call it good unless there are other issues. I found out the thing has been sitting since last fall without being started at all, so kind of hesitant now since those engines are junk to begin with.

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I upgraded the ignition in mine with an msd offroad ignition msd 8.5 wires and soon as I put it on a msd coil . I have long since ditched the 2.8 in flavor of the 3.4 though but I did notice some better drive ability after the initial upgrades .

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