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Answered A C-List Ad ...


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For a pair of mj tailgates.

When I finally got to the sellers place, not only were the gates (1 pretty much perfect, the other very good but with a large dent in the outside, not sprung, and repairable, both with all hardware) both major steps better than the only one I have found so far, just wrong color. better than he described, when I asked if he had any other mj stuff, after a little thought, said yes.

I ended up with all he had, some of the nicest cleanest, mj interior parts I have ever seen, '89 Pioneer door panels, all the cab plastics, carpeted rear panel, tach dash, arm rests, manual remote outside mirrors, I'm sure I forgot something.

Oh, and a pair of tail lights. Pretty darn nice ones, will polish up nicely.

Cluster only had 94K miles on it.

It almost made me ill when he said the only reason he parted it out was he had no title, and that he sold it for scrap metal, but kept the interior because it seemed too nice to scrap.

Says he know where there are 6 or 7 more...

I have saved his #.

All told, it cost me $200, including a tank of gas to round trip.

Did I mention how nice the parts were? The interior stuff is really much too nice to put in my '90, but I'm gonna.

Also, the lower dash panel with the UNUSED ashtray, and glove box lid and lower storage surround.


I was so pumped! I have already used the wiper delay to fix my wipers, and replaced my drilled and broken lower dash.

Oh yeah, a fixed left vent window assy, with a perfect and soft glass run channel, and door glass, and window channel rubber, probably will think of something else...


SCORE! And, he was happy with selling it. Sure wish he still had the truck tho.


And a left side window lift mech! And a pair of outside vent covers!

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