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The wide load post http://comancheclub.com/topic/36790-wide-load/ and a recent email got me thinking there must be a lot of really weird builds that you guys have come across. Let's see what you've got.


I'll offer this one up to the tune of "too much time on my hands"




(Can't get it to embed)

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Yeah I have two builds going in my head right now. Not as outlandish as the Radio Flyer but very useful in the real working man's world and both based on an MJ. Rock crawlers and off road vehicles are fun, but not truly useful in sense unless you're a professional racer.


One is a Fire/Rescue MJ complete with recovery winches front and rear, complete medical kits and O2 in the rear, as well as a complete comms package with UHF, VHF, AM, FM, everything to communicate with first responders, Marine traffic, and civil air patrol. It would be painted fire red of course. A complete offroad search and rescue vehicle.


The second is a farm MJ with a hydraulic hay fork on the front, hidden and integrated front winch, hydraulic 3 point off the rear to run any modern implement, a winch powered mini crane in the bed, under hood premier power welder, OBA. Everything to run cattle, repair fence, tool boxes integrated into the bedsides, etc. It would have a plated frame rails, mild lift, 31-32" pizza cutters, shortened one tons, doubler or at least a 4:1 TC and somewhere around 5.38-5.89 gearing depending on 4 or 6 cyl. Essentially a tractor with air conditioning capable of short on road trips when needed to pick up feed, tools, etc. A diesel MJ would be a nice platform to start with.


If I have the money to build another one, it'll be something like this that is more useful than just a pick up with cargo space.

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