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Can You Guess What I Just Dragged Home.....


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What is almost the exact same size as a short bed Comanche.


Has a 6.5' bed, (fixed)

small cramped single cab,


4.0L six,

manual trans,

& 5 lug wheels



It's NOT a Jeep,

but it is about as areodynamic as one.


Any guesses?




What if I said it came from the factory rolling 36's with 80:1 low range?


and it weighs 7000lbs sitting in the driveway?


...and its put this on my face ----> :D

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I want one of just about all the guesses :)

Photobucket hates my phone,

so the pic will have to wait till later,



But you guys skipped the US Veteran part.




an MJ sized Dodge US War Veteran, older & smaller than an M715.


its getting easy now ;)

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How rusted is it? Don't see many of those.


I haven't said what it is yet,

but it is very rusty.


I bought 'it' to push snow around in the (long) driveway,

so as long as it doesn't fall apart, or give me Tetnus,

its money well spent.

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Power Wagon?




Ding ding ding ding :D


We have a winner(s)


Thanks for playing "what the h*ll is that in Jims driveway now"


Please enjoy the lovely parting gifts while we prepare for the live action version of this show with the Neighbors in the morning ;)



I'm hoping they like it as much as I do :D

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