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Im in a pickle...


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ok so here is my problem; i have a chance to buy a 1983 AMC eagle sx/4 (last year for the sx/4) but in order to get another project i need to get rid of another vehicle that i have. Now the two candidates for sale are either my mud jeep or my other comanche.


The mud jeep is a 95 ZJ limited that i built myself and is pretty beefy (4.5inch lift, 33inch swampers, 5.2v8, durango np231HD transfercase, full skidplates, ect...) and i really hate to get rid of it because its actually trailworthy.


The comanche is another story though... its a 1990 4x4 shortbed eliminator 4.0l auto with grey interior bucket seats powerlocks and windows. the body is in pretty rough shape (it will need a new bed for sure, needs rockers on both sides, needs a tailgate, floorboards and new fenders up front) right now its a "rolling chassis" which mean it has no motor (was the 4.0l) but the trans and transfercase are still there with, according to the odometer, has 80,000 miles on them. i saved it from the crusher and i was going to make it a prerunner type truck with all the fiberglass goodies and a small lift and use it as more of a show truck and not offroad it at all, but unfortunatly there is no title for the comanche.


so here is a poll for everyone; should i sell the ZJ and off road the comanche, or should i sell the comanche and keep the ZJ? ill see if i can find some pictures to post of everything.


such descisions in life....


here is the ZJ



and here is the MJ




and here is the AMC Eagle


sorry for such crummy pictures, the camera on my old phone wasnt the best.



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Is there no way to even get the title for the MJ? A truck in that condition and without a title is worth very little whole...parting it may be best. People do it all of the time but I would not invest 10 cents in a vehicle for which I could not get a title.

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The ZJ has a title but it is not street legal so if I keep the ZJ or the MJ it will be towed on a trailer regardless. The MJ I can get a title for it but it's a lot of work to get one, that's why I kinda figured it would be easier to build for off road. As for the eagle, I just like the look of it and it's rarity. Eventually when it's done I will sell my DD Cherokee.

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So, what do you want for the MJ?


Do the power windows work?

What shape are the doors in?

How're the seats?





I hate to say it but the truck is probably only worth scrap price. The doors are rotten through and I don't know if the windows actually work or not. I never had a battery hooked up to it. The windshield is cracked slightly and the seats have seen better days, that why if I keep it, it's going to be a mud truck.

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Part the russty MJ and use the good stuff on the Eagle SX4. Win-win! (especially the rear axle with 1 piece shafts)


I have a Spirit that's slowly becoming an SX4 pre-runner. (along with a 4.0L head/efi and AW4 transplant)



and an '81 wagon with 4.2/727/NP229 and XJ 8.25 rear that's just about done.


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