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renix cam upgrade

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Cool all those will work on the renix right? Only reason I ask is because its listed for 4.0's up to 1997 but has a footnote that says "NOT FOR FUEL INJECTION"



ALL 4.0s are fuel injected. The older AMC straight 6s were not, but they were the same block. If their listing is specifically a 4.0, and listing it isn't for fuel injection, then you should consider not buying from a company that doesn't do any research.

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I got a hold of tech support at comp and they said the cams not for fuel injection have an LSA not ideal for fuel injection since they will not make enough vacuum, they wound up recommending the 68-232-4 instead,anyone familiar with how that cam performs? I told the tech I wanted something that would improve my mileage and torque and he said that's what that cam was designed to do.

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