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Wheel spacers and wheel offset

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I had a set of aftermarket rims on my 89MJ they were outlaws I think. I liked the way they sat out of the wheel well just looked better. I thought I had to sell my MJ and a friend wanted the outlaws so I swapped him some newer Cherokee wheels. Now I want the same look with the factory wheels will a spacer do this and are the safe? Also I see there are diffrent sizes anyone know what combination would make the front and rear stick out the same and look the best.

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If you're in Pennsylvania, I think having the tires stick out of the wheelwells might look better (that's subject to debate -- I would have to disagree), but is probably illegal. I think I might add spacers in the rear only, to match the rear to the front, but I would not run spacers all around.

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I just ran into an issue trying to get past

inspection in pa and googled the regulations.

No wheel spacers greater than 1/4 inch and

no fender flare greater than 3 inches.

Didn't say how far past flares tires could stick.

I didn't have flares on and that was the issue.

I guess its up to the cop that pulls you over,

or inspection station.

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I have been running 1.25" spidertrax spacers on my TJ with Moab wheels for a few years and over 35k miles. I have never had an issue. Granted, u cleaned the studs prior to installation and used the highest grade lov-tite I could find. At every tire rotation I check the torque (if the lug were to move I would remove it and apply new loc-tite). Once a year I do remove the spacers, clean everything up and re install them. I have never had one come loose, but I keep a close eye on them.

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