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Clutch Problems..

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:fs1: Definitely not a good way to start out the week.


Drove around yesterday in the 'Manche with the GF and a buddy of mine. We head up to my local mall with no problems at first. During the trip to the mall, whenever I go to switch into 2nd, 3rd, etc. the truck acts like I'm shifting too early (I was not) and seems like it loses a lot of power trying to keep up and go. This happens like 4-5 times but we get to the mall. We're there for about 45 minutes, we come back and I take my friend home; no problems. Me and the GF go back to my house; again, no problems what-so-ever with shifting.


Fast forward to this morning when I start the truck to head to work. I've completely lost all clutch pressure and can push it damn near the floor with about 3-4 inches of actual "pressure" on the clutch. I don't see any leaks from under the truck other than the normal ones I'm used to :roll: and checked all the connections to everything. No spring fell off the clutch pedal, nothing seems amiss other than the boot in the back where the tube is fed through seems to be leaking grease(?). Although I'm not sure if that's normal or not, since I never checked it regularly since I received the truck (PO told me that a new hydraulic clutch was put in a few weeks before I got the truck)


So does anyone know what I should look for to see what the problem is?


Picture of the boot, if it helps. So glad I installed those kicklights.

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Check your fluid level, fill accordingly. If that isn't the issue try bleeding the clutch a couple of times.

Did so, come to find out I'm completely out of Dot 3 in the Master reservoir (didn't bother checking the first time around because I should still be full). Considering I topped it off the about a week ago, and this thing never goes through fluid like it did.


Time to start looking for leaks.... again. :shake: :fs1:

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The master is leaking out the back onto the fuse box. First thing to check is brand of fluid. Using anything other than Castrol GTLMA fluid results in failure within a few months on OEM seals. Check the clutch pedal isn't bent off straight line to the master because pushing on an angle causes the seals to leak.

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As far as I can tell, there is NO fluid leaking onto the fuse box, and the pedal is as straight as an arrow.


If it isn't the master leaking and it isn't a seal issue, what's the next thing to look for?


The amount of Dot 3 this truck is burning through is ridiculous! I've heard the adjusting sleeve on the clutch could be a problem, but is the only way to check that by tearing into the tranny?

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My money is on the slave, not to mention a buddy of mine says the same. Highly doubt that thing has ever been replaced. And the brake fluid is leaking out of the back of the tranny. So I believe it's probably a combination. Just for my knowledge, how long would it take to replace the slave on an AX4?

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