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88 engine may be on the wayot

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Went to Lowes today and on the way the engine started making noise. A loud clattering anytime the RPM's got over 1500. Also, when I looked down the oil pressure was at 0. I was a couple of blocks from Lowes when I noticed the oil pressure so I babied it and shut it down as soon as I rolled in the parking lot. I started it back up a couple of minutes later and the OP went back up to 50 psi only to start drooping again the longer it ran. The motor sounds pretty noisy now any time I start it and the OP fluctuates. Is it on it's last leg or possibly something less sever, like oil pump, etc? The truck has 235k miles on it btw. Guess it's time to start :wrench:

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Finally got around to fixing the problem. Turns out the oil pan and pick up screen had a bunch of nasty chunks of oily dirt. I cleaned up the pan and pick up screen, replaced the oil pump and RMS, changed O-rings on oil filter adapter and replaced timing chain and gears. Everything is nice and cleaned up and running smooth and quietly. Oil pressure stays between 50-60 PSI now :clapping:


It's nice to not have oil pouring out from everywhere gunking everything up. BTW, changed the leaky rear axle pinion seal and cracked fuel filter hose while I was at it.

Trying to keep the fluids in the truck instead of under it. :shake:

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